Critically Analyse The Impact And Contribution Of Digital

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Digital Transformation Assignment Produce a 2500-word individual report making the case for a digital strategy which will bring benefits and improvement to a company of your choice. You can choose an imaginary company in an industry of interest to you, if you would like to -as we discussed in the module. The report should be 2500 words MAX. This does not include the reference section at the end of the report. This is the only section of the report that does not count towards the word limit. You should include in your report, the following: • Title Page (name, programme, module, title, date). • Executive Summary (summarizes the action you recommend, along with the challenges and benefits of taking this action). This should be SUCCINCT and fit onto ONE PAGE. • A concise critical evaluation of the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation for the chosen organisation/industry. • Presentation of a digital strategy (you can use the digital strategy worksheet headings) and a benefits realisation road map to achieve anticipated business benefits. You will need to justify your strategy and set out some clear key performance metrics that can be used to track progress. • References list: You MUST use Harvard system, listing all sources cited in the report. (This is the only section which does not count towards the page limit). • No Appendices should be used. Knowledge and understanding Critically analyse the impact and contribution of digital technologies and digital transformation. Give a critically balanced account of the components of a strategy for digital transformation Skills, qualities and attributes Design a digital strategy for a digital business. Apply trameworks to create a road map for benefits realisation from investment in a digital strategy. e Articulate comblex ideas clearly and concisely in written communication for diverse audiences.