Mental Health Systems Refer To The Prevailing Ways Of Treating Citizens According To The Evolution And Transformation Of Systems: Mental Health Research Paper, TCD, Ireland

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    • Mental health systems refer to the prevailing ways of treating citizens according to the evolution and transformation of systems.  The health systems of the UK and Ireland The thesis emphasizes the description and arguments associated with the health systems of the UK and Ireland.

      The scope of the related literature is extracted from secondary journals and articles of respective authors. The reviews of respective authors discussed the inclusion and exclusion of systematic approaches used in treating the mental health of both countries.

    • The prevailing mental health systems have provided insight into the purpose, intentions, and general findings of the literary journals and articles. The inclusion of remarks, arguments, and descriptions is stated through the chosen journals. The exclusion of primary data is adjusted and managed with the time period and fields analyzed by the authors of journals and articles.

      This thesis focuses on conducting a thematic analysis where it discusses the four wider themes related to the mental health system reviews to compare and contrast their effectiveness and prevalence in both countries.

      The inclusion of available secondary sources detected the time, periods and field of study examined by the literature authors. Therefore the thesis has a detailed account of the purpose of the findings to argue and describe the mental health system of the UK and Ireland.