Objective while working within psychology

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1. Why is it important to remain objective while working within psychology? can you please List the applicable ethical psychology codes to justify your rationale?

2. What are some personal and professional challenges that may arise when clients do not have shared identities and belief systems?

- If there are personal challenges, what are ways you can manage those? Provide references for your answer.

- What strategies can I use to manage my feelings so that I can maintain professional objectivity and support my client taking into account their culture and worldview?

3. Can you please give examples of how I can plan in future psychology work to implement psychological theoretical frameworks, models, and practical skills to serve diverse populations?

4. What are some critical takeaways I can implement as I work as a professional in the industry of psychology?

5. How can I use your reflections from these in my career work in a helping profession?

- Consider the golden rule found in the scripture verse in Matthew 7:12 that says, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you," how can you show compassion, humility, and service to your clients? What other scriptures support this Christian worldview perspective?