Planning instruction is time consuming

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1. Using the instruction strategy (problem analysis, working backward, or analogical thinking) write out an implementation plan utilizing the resources from this module. Your plan should include the following:

Provide specific examples of how you plan to use this new method and what outcomes you hope to achieve.

Remember "Meta-Cognition" from the Module 2 reading? Make sure to incorporate an opportunity for students to think about their thinking.

Why and how do you believe this strategy will encourage students to think creatively and/or critically?

2. Planning instruction is time consuming, but it has major pay offs. Being intentional about the learning experience you wish to create is important work. The challenges of delivering accessible, interesting and relevant content whether in-person or online are real.

Outline something you are already doing (or have experienced) that`s working. Make suggestions for something you plan to try or would like to experience as a learner. Make a specific action plan to implement your new online learning tool or strategy.

3. Make a case for or against standardized testing in schools. If these tests are here to stay, there must be a reason why? How do they help us and our kids? As a teacher, why should you care about this issue? Now that you have fully explored various types of intelligence including multiple intelligence, how do standardized tests measure up?