Ultralight Beam: Exploring the Life and Music of Chance the Rapper

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Chance the Rapper is one the highly profiled Rapper of the generation and a significant figure in the music industry. Coloring Book is the title for his most recent album, it was released in 2017, May, and it is the top ranking album. The 23-year-old does not intend to sell music because he believes that selling will limit his ability and likeability; as a result, this can hinder him from making connections (Wang). Chancellor Jonathan Bennett is his real name; he has been nominated for the Grammys seven times in the course during the year as result of the Coloring Book album. The young lad is politically active native from Chicago; he was actively involved in the recent United State presidential election where he actively campaigned for the election of Hillary Clinton particularly in the mobilization of the voters. The young man can be described as both a singer and Rapper, but has decided to concentrate more on raps because he firmly believes that rap music is the combination of many things hence the most prominent music in the planet today.

The rapper first made a mixtape after school, and he made it viral on the internet, through this platform he was able to figure and label his music. It is after encountering with the major label that he was able to realize and focus on his strength consequently able to offer sharp raps to the people without being limited. He has been focusing on the places he can provide music for free. He gave his music to Apple to stream it for more than two weeks without charging a single penny. Chance can make money from touring various places at the same selling merchandise. He does not believe in the traditional methods; he values effort and the execution of the plan immediately it conceived. He insists on the importance of freedom, being the key to his involvement in the music industry mainly giving it for free.

Winning three Grammys & obtaining world-renowned success can be attributed to the fact the young man has the hunger for success, every time he wants to be creating or orating and telling people things, passing information to them and receiving feedback. He does not limit himself. He uses a simple and straightforward name; everything is simple, he concentrates on streaming his music. Coloring Book went all the way to the Billboard; it is only available in the on the Apple music. As a result, it cannot be downloaded or bought as a CD. He holds that CD is obsolete and the music can do better without them. During his live performance, he always encourages his fans that they can also go far by the creation of personal path at the same sticking to the importance value. He has strictly condemned the perception that creation of CD would earn him more money; he has preferred his traditional method of streaming all the mixtapes. He has not concentrated on the company for production hence relying on his independence he believes that groups can lead to his downfall; therefore, he has consistently turned them down. He does not even care about an official album; he concentrates on the music itself rather than on money and fame. It is by ensuring that he does not scream to the people has contributed to being envied by people.