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Post Date: 22-Mar-23

Chapter 12 Homework: Problems 12.4 and 12.5

Problem 12.4
Accountants often need to print financial statements with the words “DO NOT COPY” appearing in light type in the background.
Create a watermark with the phrase “DO NOT COPY” in a Word document.
Create the same watermark in Excel.
Can you make your watermark “invisible” so that it can be used to detect whether a document containing sensitive information has been copied to an unauthorized location? How? How could you use that “invisible” watermark to detect violation of copying policy?
(Note: you do not need to print the documents created in parts a and b. Instead, please upload the Word and Excel files you created.

Problem 12.5
Create a spreadsheet to compare current monthly mortgage payments versus the new monthly payments if the loan were refinanced, as shown:

Restrict access to the spreadsheet by encrypting it. Please use AIS as your password.
Further protect the spreadsheet by limiting users to the ability to select and enter data only in the six highlighted cells.

Excel template for use when completing problem 12.5

Your submission in Canvas for chapter 12 should include a Word document and an Excel document for problem 12.4,and an Excel document for problem 12.5. (You’re welcome to combine the two Excel files into a single file if you prefer.) If you used a password other than AIS for your spreadsheet, be sure to tell me your password in the submission comments so I can open the spreadsheet to grade it.

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