Compare And Contrast The Views Of 2 Theorists Pertaining To Child And Adolescent Development: Childcare Course Work, CC, Ireland

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Compare and contrast the views of 2 theorists pertaining to child and adolescent development. The assignment should include the following headings and discussion points:

  • Aims & Rationale: Give a detailed and logical explanation of why the theorists chosen are relevant to assignment title.
  • Abstract: Clear understanding and application of how theory supports our understanding of child development.
  • Discuss your findings in detail in relation to how a child develops from childhood to adolescence with logical identification and interpretation of the range of factors which can influence development change. Explain five factors and give an example of how they affect development for each area of PILES. (A table can be used in this section).
  • Contrast and compare the views of the theories chosen and evaluate their input into child development with critical thinking evident.
  • Conclusion: Discuss your findings overall in relation to how a child develops from childhood to adolescence.
  • Personal Reflection: How has your knowledge of these theorists influenced your thinking on education and childcare, include examples of general applications of theory to practice.
  • Recommendations: What recommendations would you propose to improve practice in this area for yourself and others?