Impact of Imperial Rome upon the development of architecture

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Writing Assignment
Roman Architecture
GUIDELINES For Submission
3-5 pages double-spaced.
Font 12 point: Times New Roman or Cambria.
MLA style.


Caesar Augustus famously claimed, “I found [Rome] a city of brick,
but left it of marble.” Augustus began a series of major building
projects within the Roman Empire that would be continued by later

Describe and discuss the impact of Imperial Rome upon the
development of architecture. Choose one major building project or
monument and discuss the significance of the work. You may consider the
aesthetic, technical, or lasting influence of the work. Make sure to
examine the historical context or any notable motivations of the emperor
who inaugurated the work.

Your paper must be between 750-1250 original words in length and in MLA format.

PLEASE NOTE: You must support your position with appropriate evidence (read: research) and critical analyses.

Select one Emperor or Monument
Do initial research into work or Emperor. Pay attention to the critical reception of the work. What makes it notable
The motivations for its construction?
Its lasting significance within the western tradition?
Technological advances or achievements that made it possible?
Aesthetic Considerations
Choose only one or at most two of these and focus your research there.
Make sure you understand the historical context surrounding the
construction of the work you choose. Is there anything happening in Rome
or with this emperor that is worthy of note?
Review the Tips for Writing for Dr. Grant on the course Bb site.

You paper should be persuasive, and as such:
Your paper should have a clear thesis.
Tell the reader specifically what your argument is and what you will be trying to convince them of.
Please do NOT state your thesis in the form of a question.
Support your argument.
Use examples from Wordsworth’s poetry, but DO NOT provide extensive summaries.
Assume the reader is familiar with Wordsworth’s works.
You are free to find and use appropriate critical sources
Have a clear conclusion
This should outline what you have attempted to achieve.
Your paper should be formal in nature.
CITE your research!
Avoid contractions
You may use the first person, but be careful to use it appropriately.
Avoid making grand statements that can be difficult to prove.
Back in the day
Everybody knows
Everybody believes
Avoid clichés