LNDN11012 Leading And Managing Change - Identification Of

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The written individual assessment consists of a 3,000 (+/-10%) word report, demonstrating an understanding of key Management, Leadership and Change Management theories applied to a practical context.


Over the past few years, the world has undergone considerable change resulting in high levels of instability thus creating challenges to dynamic and volatile markets for businesses across the globe.

Using an organisation of your choice that has undergone a change in the last 2 years prepare a management consultancy report thatincludes the following

Task 1 -Clear identification of an organisational change that occurred in the past 2 years, Analyse the change according to following criteria -scale, scope, depth and timing

Task 2 -Using the appropriate change management model,analyse the change implementation process of your chosen company/organisation. This includes identifying the drivers of change through to implementation of the change process.

Task 3 - Based on this critical evaluation of your organisations change process students are then to provide recommendations on the change process.

The report shouldensure that includes a focus on the following aspects:
• Change Management Models taught in the module
• Management practices - including vision, management decision making
• Leadership style, power and vision
• Organisational Culture and Structure
• Business Strategy - internal and external models and strategic decision making