Obtain And Interpret Information Relevant To An Analysis Of

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Global Business Environment



Learning outcome 1: Obtain and interpret information relevant to an analysis of a firm`s business environment.
Learning outcome 2: Assess the impact of government on the structure and operation of a business organisation.
Learning outcome 3: Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of changes in the business environment on business organisation and activity.






Assignment task: Write two short briefing documents of 750 words each, and no more than 1,500 words in total +/-10%, on the following topics:



#1 Critically examine the food take away market within the town centreof your classes and assess the level of competitiveness and likely impact of the present economic situation.
#2 Assess how the ‘Work From Home`trend, that was accelerated by the global lockdown, has impacted the economy and explain the benefits and disadvantages this has created for business organisations.



The purpose of paper #1 is to test your:



- Knowledge of competitiveness and economic activity within a local environment, LO3.



- Your ability to conduct primary research of a local market and identify and analysereputable sources of data relating to the economic situation nationally and locally, LO1 &LO2.



The Purpose of paper #2 is to test your:
- Knowledge of business theory and the internal environment using reputable sources, LO1



- Ability to critically discuss business trends and the changes in working practices and the impact upon business organisations within the UK. LO2 &LO3



You should reflect on module content and use this as a basis to express your own ideas, using theory, academic references and practical industry examples where appropriate.



These briefing documents should each be no longer than 750 words each (+/-10%) or total more than1,500-word together (+/-10%).