Scout Finch’s First Day: Unveiling Attitudes and Characters in To Kill a Mockingbird

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How does Scout`s first day at school give a broader understanding of attitudes and characters in To Kill a Mockingbird? Harper Lee reveals much about life at Maycomb throughout Scout`s first day at school in the opening chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird. The narrative is focused on Scout and the challenges she faces during the day in the new environment, which show her individuality and background intelligence through the way she behaves around other people. Her attitude is established through her encounters with other children and adults. Her father Atticus teaches her some important lessons, which show a different, warmer side of him. cc and intelligent individual. The second she gets to the school, she stands out, it is her first day of school and she already knows how to read and write, already making her knowledge superior to the other children.

"I could not remember not being able to read hymns", this shows her background intelligence, she learned to read unconsciously, it is just something she did naturally. Her teacher at school is a foreigner that doesn`t know how the town works, she doesn`t understand the families that live there. When referencing to a Cunningham about lunch, Scout "rose graciously on Walter`s behalf" to explain about his family history and to help Walter make the situation less awkward. It shows that whenever a person couldn`t stand up for themselves, Scout would, which shows a mature, brave side of Scout. She will stand up to the teacher and state her opinion which is something not many students do. This shows her independent personality, separating her from other children.

Further developing Scout`s person, Harper Lee establishes her attitude by showing the way she deals with other children and adults. "Walter poured syrup on his vegetables and meat with a generous hand", Scout believed what Walter did was incorrect, but she doesn`t know Walter was never taught manners. Walter had never had a real meal and the way he acted with the food was normal because he had never eaten food like that. Scout doesn`t understand that because she has always had a plate on the table. This shows that she speaks up for what she believes, doesn`t necessarily mean it is correct, but she is always well-meaning, in this occasion she was misguided. She didn`t really understand why he acted that certain way, which confused her.