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Post Date: 22-Mar-23

The Effects of Immigration on US House Prices

I specifically need help with the Methodology & Data section, Robustness Checks Results if we have words left. The main issues i have are interpretting the data, cleaning it on excel and then running regressions on stata. This is what is required however I am not very familiar with Stata. I will attach my proposal and the feedback I have received which has all the relevent details you will need. The methodoly is written in a confusing way, my formula is correct and can be used but what I was is more correct is using a combination of cross-sectional data and panel data, the latter possibly unbalanced. However, you guys know best. Look forward to seeing the results, thank you in advance! **NOTE: STATA is required and if you do not have access to it please let me know immediately and provide me with a full refund. Thank you.
8 minutes ago
Literature review

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