The Monster Within: Fear, Anger, and Power in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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Fear, anger and power can sometimes over power you and your decisions. William Golding shows us this in his book Lord of the Flies.

Meg and Dia`s Thrilling song, called Monster, portrays all the feelings of fear Piggy has, the anger Ralph expresses and the power hungry urge Jack possess.

Jack Meridew has always felt the need to be a leader. Throughout the book Jack becomes more and more satanic. By chapter 10 Jacks desire for power overwhelms his ability to use reason and logic or right and wrong. Jack`s actions become inexplicitly inhumane. On page 176 Robert (one of Jacks tribe members) tells Roger (Ralph`s tribe member) that "he`s (Jack) going to beat Wilfred." When Roger asks Robert why Jack intends on beating him Robert himself cannot find an explanation and settles for the excuse that Jack simply wanted to. In the song called Monster, the lyrics say;" He battered his tiny fist to feel something, then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams." These lyrics tell a story of someone (or something) wanting to hurt and terrorize. Just as Jack feels he needs to do to gain eminent power.