Unveiling My True Colors: Exploring Personalities through My Personality Test

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Last Updated: 20-Jun-23
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When I think of myself, I think of crazy, loud, and downright honest. When I took a personality quiz, in my English class, I got a little confused about how differently I see myself and how the computer or other people see me. There were a lot of things that I agreed with and then there were many things that I couldn’t comprehend how they related to me in any way. Basically, though, I agreed with my scores in extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism: they were all qualities that  honestly describe me.

My score in Extraversion was a 39 and that was an average score meaning that I am not a loner but I am not a little chatterbox either. My highest score in Extraversion would happen to be Excitement seeking which I believe is incredibly true. When I was about 7 years old my whole family went to these cliffs were people would jump off and dive into the water and let me tell you these cliffs were very high up. All the adults around me were all contemplating whether to jump or not and some actually did but I was so hyped up about these cliffs that I breathed in and prayed that my mother would not ground me for what I am about to do. I sprinted and jumped right off the cliff, screaming the entire time till I hit the water and that was very unpleasant but luckily I knew how to swim and just popped right on up. I believe that Excitement seeking can describe me perfectly.

My next score that I agree on is Agreeableness: I made 5 out of 99 and that is very low and it’s completely true. I have less concern with other’s needs than with my own and people see me as tough, critical, and uncompromising.  I scored lowest in Altruism which means that I do not find helping other people rewarding, which is sadly true.  All my life I’ve been about helping myself more than other people and I get called selfish a lot just for that, I don’t think I’m selfish I’d just rather not put myself in positions that would upset me or make life harder for me because we all know life is not a joke .