Various theoretical ideologies that influence human behavior

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Life Experiences Assignment






The purpose of this assignment is to provide a better understanding of the various theoretical ideologies that influence human behavior, by applying them appropriately in a personal context. It will also provide clarification into contemporary issues and social problems occurring in the world around us. Further, it will provide the foundation for future discussions and assignments that focus on prevention or solutions.



You assignment is to write about your life experiences relative to the theories you have been studying. Think about and discuss the many people, places, things and experiences that have influenced you along the way and that have shaped you into who you are today.



First, before you begin to write the essay, think about and brainstorm a list of all of the possible factors/reasons why you are the person that you have become today.



Biologically (Race, age, gender, physique, agility, physical attractiveness, height, weight, health, medical history, birth order and childhood experiences)
-I am 23, Blk African American, 6 feet and I played sports all through out my life.



Psychologically (Intelligence, personality, emotions, aptitudes and interests, strengths and weaknesses)



Ethnicity; family values, holidays and traditions, religious practices, culture, relationships with extended family members. If you were born or grew up in a different culture what were some of the cultural differences? What was it like to transition here? How do values, expectations, traditions vary? How did your move here affect you? Social status? Economic status?
Region you grew up in; urban, rural, or suburban upbringing,
School experiences: friendships, academics, sports, hobbies, activities



Relationships: to other society members, significant others, children. How did these relationships influence decisions you have made? Role Models?



Begin with an introduction- an overview of who you are. What effects have each of the above factors had on your life chances, your attitudes, your career choices, your values, your criminal involvement or lack of criminal involvement, your victimization? Which specific factors have been most important in influencing your life? Why? Who were your role models? How did they help you? Why were they significant? How do you handle success? How do you handle diversity? What are your education goals? What are your career goals?



Then write your paper. Be sure to answer all of the above in a thoughtful essay format (no bullets or numbers) that is logical and flows, and describes you as fully as possible. Using understanding of human development, and the three major schools of thought; biological, sociological, and psychological, integrate the theories into your essay and make the connections from the theory to your life experiences and life choices. Use your analysis to help you articulate which school(s) of thought explain you best. Why did other schools not “work for you?” Are there parts of all of the theoretical groups that explain you best? Be sure to provide sufficient discussion, examples and applications of the theoretical concepts. It is not enough to give me the summary of your life, you need to demonstrate that you understand and can apply the theoretical concepts to the things that have influenced who you have become today (see attached rubric for this assignment.



Sample Introductory Paragraph
When reflecting back on the many years of my existence, I realize that there have been so many people who have influenced and guided me. There have also been numerous experiences from which I have learned, and shaped my beliefs and values. These experiences are analogous to the three theoretical schools of thought we are studying.



Papers must be typed, using Times New Roman, Arial, or Tahoma, 14 point font. Where appropriate, include citations (APA) and bibliography.