How management activities should be conducted

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For this homework, you will be asked to reflect on what we have learned in the last unit. You will need to choose one of the below news articles and talk about how the company discussed in the article is either conducting their MGMT practices according to what we`ve learned in the course (serving as a good example of what to do) or is not conducting their MGMT practices appropriately (serving as an example of what NOT to do).

You must use one of the following articles:

1) "Focus: U.S. fast-food chains cut discounts, push pricy meals post-pandemic" By Hilary Russ
2) "Walmart Invests In DroneUp, A Last Mile Delivery Solution".

Write a response in the format of a blog post where you inform the reader on a number of things:

Question I. Summary of what the article is about and what management actions the company is taking,

Question II. Summary of the relevant class material on the topic that relates to the article, and

Question III. Why this company serves as a good example of how management activities should be conducted based on the material we learned in class?

Question IV. Why this company serves as an example of what NOT to do in management based on the topics that we have covered in the past unit.