Resource modifications or adaptations could be beneficial

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Support workers are expected to contribute to, implement, monitor and adjust strategies that will assist students in need of additional learning support or whose emotional wellbeing is at risk. Explain how they can it.

1. What sort of issues or conditions might affect a student`s learning performance so they require additional support in school?

2. How can an education support worker help identify their individual support needs?

3. How can they contribute to the development and implementation of suitable support strategies?

4. What resources or resource modifications or adaptations could be beneficial?

5. Why it is important to use inclusive support strategies and what improvement suggestions could a support worker make?

6. Why do students need opportunities to practise newly learned skills?

7. Why must support workers monitor students` learning progress and report to the teacher?

8. What should be done if students display uncharacteristic or challenging behaviours?

9. How can a support worker respond if they believe a student`s emotional health and wellbeing is at risk, or the student is at risk of failing to meet expectations or complete their academic work?