Develop two questions for use when interviewing candidates

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Homework: Recruit, Develop, Assess, Reward, Retain- Assembling the Team


Hiring is one of the most critical aspects of being a leader. In order to have an effective hiring process, there is some important preparation that needs to be done before the candidate search, shortlist selection, and interview processes even begin. This homework is designed to allow you to practice the preparation phase of the hiring process.

You are the VP of Talent at your company, and you are preparing to interview candidates for an open position. Based on the job description, you will identify key competencies for the position, and develop a set of questions that enables the hiring team to interview candidates for those competencies. All applicants for the position are interviewed with the same set of questions, thus enabling you to compare candidates effectively.


For this homework, you will create a Hiring Sheet, based on a job description for a position at your current organization. The Hiring Sheet will include ten interview questions based on the competencies needed for that role. To complete this homework, you will test out two of your interview questions by writing sample answers from imaginary candidates.

To get started, find a current job description for a position at your organization. Follow the steps below to create a Hiring Sheet for this position:

Step I: Identify Key Competencies

1. Select five key competencies for the position. Select three competencies from the Sample Professional Competencies list below. Create two more competencies of your own that you believe to be relevant for the job to be filled.

Step II: Rank the Competencies

1. Rank the competencies you selected in order, from the most important (1) to the least important (5).
2. Explain your rationale for the ranking.

Step III: Create Interview Questions

1. For each competency you selected, develop two questions for use when interviewing candidates. In each case, one question should be behavioral and one question should be situational.

2. Your final list of questions for the position will contain ten questions.