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Post Date: 22-Mar-23

Discussion – Water, Electrolytes, and Minerals

Welcome to Week 9 Discussion Board! Water, Electrolytes, and Minerals
On this discussion board, we will be discussing the functions, food sources, and deficiency and toxicity symptoms water, electrolytes, and minerals
Assignment Instructions:
Use critical thinking and apply the information you learned this week.
Select ONE nutrient from the list below and answer the question completely. 
Write a professionally written paragraph to answer your selected question. 
Your instructor is looking for 3-4 key points in your responses that relate to this week’s readings. 
Reference your information using the APA citation format. 
Participation in weekly discussion is worth a significant part of your final grade and this forum presents you with an opportunity to develop a life-long skill of written communication. Please review the grading rubric attached to this assignment so you know what is expected. Please see course calendar for specific due dates.
Select the nutrient you would like to discuss from the list provided below:
Name the functions, food sources, and deficiency and toxicity symptoms for your selected nutrient.
Sodium Iodine Potassium
Calcium Phosphorus Magnesium
Fluoride Iron Zinc
Selenium Chromium Water
Functions, dietary requirements, and sources of water, as well as mechanisms for maintaining fluid balance are described. The seven major minerals are summarized including sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chloride and Sulfur. Functions, dietary sources, requirements, as well as disorders associated with deficiency or toxicity of these minerals are discussed. Five of the nine trace minerals are explored: iron, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium. The chapter particularly emphasizes the roles of minerals in disease processes, including osteoporosis, anemia, hypertension, and diabetes. Your instructor will be looking for detailed answers that are both substantive and informative.

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